What can you do in here?
  • You can search the Mieh-Mieh phone book on-line
  • You can get a map with driving directions to those in Canada and USA
  • You can print custom mailing labels after you run a search
  • You can print custom phone list reports
  • You can see who are the current Committee Members
  • You can update your own information
  • You can change your own password
  • You can create your own contact list on-line
  • You can keep us informed with any changes so we can share it with others
  • You can read our newsletter both current and archived
  • You can view our calendar events that give the occassion, date/time, and location (with map)
This is just the beginning of what we offer. If you have any suggestions, we'd like to hear them. Please contact us at info@miehmieh.com